Recovery Plus Free Shaker

Recovery Plus Free Shaker

ASCEND Elite Recovery ultra active whey peptide accelerates your strength recovery after exercise. In clinical studies, subjects achieved full strength recovery within a staggering 24-hour period after they had exercised to fatigue. These recovery times are unheard of! Train Harder More Often.

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Recovery Plus Free Shaker

Benefits to You

ASCEND Elite Recovery contains the active component NatraBoost XR. In developing NatraBoost XR, hundreds of hydrolysed proteins were analysed for critical biological activities using living human muscle cells. Only NatraBoost XR demonstrated massive gains in strength recovery in both cellular and human clinical trials.

After maximum training, athletes take up to five days for full strength recovery. The unique peptides in ASCEND Elite Recovery reduces this period to around 24 hours, allowing you get back out there and to reach your potential faster. The benefits of ASCEND Elite Recovery are unique and unrivalled. This is your chance to be the best you can be!

Recommended Usage

A recommended serve is 25g (one scoop).

On training days maximum benefit can be achieved by consuming ASCEND Elite Recovery immediately after training. On non-training days take one 25g serve in the evening.

Add 25g of ASCEND Elite Recovery to approximately 200mL of water or milk and shake until dissolved.

Pack Sizes & Flavours

ASCEND Elite Recovery is available in two flavours: chocolate and vanilla malt. Both flavours can be purchased in a 1kg bottle.

Active Ingredients

NatraBoost XR (instant hydrolysed whey protein isolate)

Other Ingredients

  • Soy lecithin (for instantising)
  • Cocoa (in chocolate variant only)
  • Flavour
  • Sucralose


If you have a known milk or soy allergy you should seek professional advice before use.

Nutritional Information

Recovery Nutrutional Data
Natural Amino Acids g Per 100g Protein
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