WPI 4kg

WPI 4kg

ASCEND Sport WPI is a great tasting, pure Whey Protein Isolate for your maximum protein intake. It is low in fat, lactose and carbohydrate and is 100% fast whey protein for muscle development.

ASCEND Sport WPI is manufactured using "cold continuous anion exchange chromotography" to produce a unique, highly purified whey protein isolate, rich in essential amino acids, containing the highest level of glycomacropeptide (GMP).

4kg pack
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WPI 4kg

Benefits to You

Whey proteins are described as fast proteins. Rapidly absorbed after exercise and rich in essential amino acids, they provide you an immediate source of nutrition essential to the development of your muscle cells.

Acknowledged as the leader in the manufacture of whey proteins, we control milk supply from the farm to the manufacture of ASCEND Sport WPI. This assures you receive product of the highest quality possible, unadulterated with any inferior quality ingredients.

Recommended Usage

A recommended serve is 25g (one scoop). The amount of protein supplementation required in the diet will vary depending on your body size and your individual muscle development targets. We suggest incorporating at least one, and up to 3 serves of ASCEND Sport WPI into your nutrition plan per day.

On training days maximum benefit can be achieved by consuming ASCEND Sport WPI immediately after training.

Add 25g of ASCEND Sport WPI to approximately 200mL of water or milk and shake until dissolved. ASCEND Sport WPI is instantised to ensure rapid hydration and ease of use.

Pack Sizes & Flavours

ASCEND Sport WPI is available in three different flavours: natural, chocolate and vanilla.

The 'Natural flavour’ variant is unflavoured.
It is suitable for use in smoothies, cooking, on top of cereal or on its own.

All three flavours can be purchased in either a 1kg bottle , a 3kg bucket or an economical 4kg pack.

Active Ingredients

NatraPro WPI (instant whey protein isolate,)

Other Ingredients

  • Soy lecithin (for instantising)
  • Cocoa (in chocolate variant only)
  • Flavour (there is no flavour in the Natural variant)
  • Sucralose (there is no sucralose in the Natural variant)


If you have a known milk or soy allergy you should seek professional advice before use.

Nutritional Information

WPI Nutritional Data
Natural Amino Acids g Per 100g Protein
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